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Rwby x Overlord AU
This is an RWBY fanfic I'm working on right now and it stars Ozpin as Momonga who had existed for centuries and the world of RWBY is the same world Momonga and Co got transported only with Momonga and Co leading it to an industrial revolution with the results leading into the current day RWBY. Tone is Comedy/Action with philosophical moments, the comedy part stems from Ozpin who is understably bored so he created all the problems of RWBY including Salem and the Grimm just to make life interesting, the action part comes from battle parts and the philosophical moments tend to appear on the times Ozpin reflects on his actions and whether it made the life of mankind and faunus worse or better

Ozpin: Momonga
Cinder: Albedo
Salem: Shalltear
Ironwood: Cocytus
Oobleck: Demiurge
Goodwitch: Nabe
Peter Port: Sebas Tan

Feedback,Suggestions and Ideas would be appreciated
Nightwing-Second Son. Reason:Batman adopted him when he made a mistake of creating a bloodthirsty copy of himself in the form of Azrael
Azrael-First Son. Reason:Batman adopted Azrael when he was first starting out as a Vigilante if Nightwing represented the Calm Batman Azrael represented the Angry Batman
Red Hood-Third Son/Apprentice. Reason:Red Hood was adopted by Batman and Azrael helped him in honing his anger,fighting skills, intelligence and will to fight
Red Robin-Fourth Son. Reason:Batman adopted him after seeing himself in Red Robin
Robin-Fifth Son. Reason:unlike the other Robins who were Jason,Dick and Tim. Damian is the biological son of Bruce (Jean-Paul was not a Robin when he was Batman's partner. he was already Azrael from the get-go)
Deathstroke-Mentor. Reason: Slade personally trained Bruce along with Bronze Tiger,David Cain,Lady Shiva and Ra's al Ghul after seeing his stubborn determination and declaring it impressive and even to this day the Mentor remains unbeaten by his Disciple proving that Batman has a long way to go to match his Mentor
Deadshot-Classmate/Rival. Reason:Deadshot always underestimated Batman during their training under Ra's al Ghul
Bane-Rival. Reason:Bane was Batman's first sparring partner outside from his Rivals and Bane handed a devastating defeat that led to Batman becoming more aware of his surroundings and learning how to use it to his advantage but sad to say Bane also employed this tactic in their second match
Catman-Classmate/Rival. Reason:Catman was also Bronze Tiger's pupil but unlike Deadshot they only have a friendly rivalry


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